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    I’m working on starting a nonprofit to put organic gardens & greenhouses with aquaponics, towers, & alternative energy in elementary and middle schools. Our kids are either obese, sick, or starving: ALMOST NONE OF THEM ARE GETTING PROPER NUTRITION. They’re also experiencing skyrocketing levels of learning disorders and psychiatric problems. They also have ‘disconnect disorder’: they’re disconnected from their teachers, parents, society, each other, their food source, and nature. It’s been proven that school gardens help in all these areas and more. Pride, work ethic, patience, teamwork. Responsibility, and more core values are established. The kids learn better ANDthey retain better when they return to the classroom. The garden sparks natural curiosity, THE DESIRE TO LEARN!!! Any subject can be related and taught in the garden. The organic food they start eating further fuels their brains and bodies. Besides, kids need exercise and work: they actually fight over who gets to shovel. They’re amazed by worms, bugs, watching things grow, and THEY came up with heating our greenhouse with biogas. I am learning too: all the ruled have changed: ORGANICS. Aquaponics, alternative energy: all are what’s coming, what must be, if we are going to continue to eat. I haven’t the slightest doubt in my mind that my kids will produce the next innovation in the food revolution that’ll change the way we grow food. In my pilot project now, but taking classes and doing research, pushing forward to my nonprofit. Is all that ‘new’ enough for you? I’ve got plenty more. Need help with branding, hiring, nonprofit organization, teaching methods , organics, alternative energy, aquaponics, and, of course, fundraising.