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Mastermind Group Guidelines Secrets Revealed

This is the fifth post in our series “How to get most out of a Mastermind Group“. Last week we spoke about being vulnerable and why it is important to share all your mistakes with your Mastermind Group. In today’s post I’ll reveal all the secret ingredients that Mastermind Guidelines should have.

Tip #5: Have clear and inspiring Mastermind Group Guidelines

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When you start a new Mastermind Group it is really important that you agree on a basic set of rules between all members. These rules are called the Mastermind Guidelines.

The target is to foster an environment of trust and respect in your group. These are the key ingredients of a successful Mastermind meeting.

Here’s a few points to consider putting into your Mastermind Group Guidelines:

  • Basic information about the meetings. How often? How long? What day?
  • Mission Statement and Purpose of the group
  • Agenda of the meeting. How often and how long does each member get to be in the “Hot Seat”?
  • All members will commit to honesty, integrity, trust, and respect
  • All members are reminded to be self-aware and to not to dominate the conversation or give orders
  • What it the consequence of missing a meeting or being late? Three strikes out? Donation to charity?
  • All discussions are confidential. What happens in the Mastermind Group, stays in the Mastermind group!
  • Define the terms and process in which a member is dismissed, and how you’re going to go about introducing new members to your group once it’s fully established

All members should sign a copy of the Mastermind Group Guidelines and send it back to the meeting facilitator.

Now you’ve established clear rules that all members have signed up to it’s much easier to guide the conversation when it goes off track.

Everybody knows what they have signed up for and what the consequences are if they fail to stick to their commitment.



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