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Be Vulnerable

This is the fourth post in our series “How to get most out of a Mastermind Group“. Last week we spoke about Being an Accountability Partner. Today’s post is about why it is important to be vulnerable and open up yourself to your Mastermind Group..

Tip #4: Be vulnerable


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Nobody is able to succeed without making mistakes.  Often the most successful people have achieved their success my making more mistakes than anyone else. This way they simply learned quicker what didn’t work and found out what did!

Albert Einstein once said: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Don’t hide your mistakes for your Mastermind Group

Hiding your mistakes for your Mastermind Group is a bad idea.

  • Your group will not be able to help you overcome your failure if you don’t tell them about it. Sharing your mistakes will allow the group to brainstorm possible solutions with you and help learn from it much quicker
  • Most likely they will find out eventually anyway and will interpret it as a lack of trust that you haven’t shared your failure with the group. Trust is extremely important in a Mastermind Group and a lack of it can often be the beginning of the end.
  • Other members may run into the same mistake if you don’t tell them about your experience. One of the key strengths of a Mastermind Group is that each member will save a lot of time by not having to make all possible mistakes themselves!

Don’t worry about what other people think about your mistakes and remember the code:  whatever is discussed inside the Mastermind Group stays between the members of the group.

So be vulnerable and open up yourself completely to your Mastermind Group!

Have you got any tips how to let other members share their mistakes openly? Please leave a comment below.

Next week’s post on How to get most out of a Mastermind Group is about having a Code of Conduct for your Mastermind Group.

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