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Are you a True Accountability Partner?

This is the third post in our series “How to get most out of a Mastermind Group“. Last week we spoke about 5 Ways to Increase Mastermind Group Commitment. Today’s post is about accountability.

Tip #3: Be an accountability partner

Accountability Partner

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Being accountable is to take full ownership of the actions that you’ve committed to.

In a Mastermind Group you are there to hold each other accountable.

Every Mastermind meeting each member will let the group know which actions  he or she will complete until the next meeting.

When that next meeting comes each person will provide an update. Which actions have been completed and how? Which actions could not be completed yet?

Being an accountability partner to your Mastermind Group means that you take full accountability for your own actions and hold the other members accountable for their commitments.

Excuses like: “I was too busy”, “I was too tired”, “my computer crashed”, etc… are not showing accountability.

If one of the members comes with some strange excuse for not completing a task that they know is critical for them to succeed, it’s your job to say: “This is bad! You know it is you own fault for not following through on this”.

Take ownership for your actions and tell the group what you will do to complete them as soon as possible. Ask for help if you don’t know how.

Don’t let another member get away with skipping over a commitment that he or she made in the previous meeting. Ask how it went.

No more excuses!


What is your experience with Accountability Partnerships in Mastermind Groups? Please leave a comment below.

Next week’s post on How to get most out of a Mastermind Group is about Vulnerability.

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